Website Design, Graphic Design, Presentation Design, and Photo Editing, and all other services except Logo Design (detailed below) are all subject to an hourly rate of $50. While it is always my goal to be as transparent as possible with pricing, it’s difficult to say ahead of time how much a project will run without knowing the details. However, after a short conversation we will be able to nail down the scope and I will provide an estimate for your project.

Logo Design Pricing

Market Average


  • 3 Concepts + 3 Revisions
  • Vector Files Included
  • Color Alternates
  • Layout Alternates

Wright Designs


  • Ten Concepts + Unlimited Revisions
  • Vector Files Included
  • Color Alternates
  • Layout Alternates
  • Market Research & Comp Set
  • Photorealistic Mock-Ups
  • Initial Concepts within 48 hours
  • Full Ownership & Usage Rights
  • Free Post-Delivery Support

    Hopefully the above chart gives you an honest view of the your available options in the SE Virginia Market. While I’m unable to claim to be the most affordable option, I aim to be the most transparent and hardest-working design you’ll ever hire. One factor I always want to point out is while it’s true that you can pay half as much hiring another talented designer, you are rolling the dice by entering into a contract with such a low set number of concepts. With only 3 attempts to nail the logo down, you are really under pressure to get the right concept early or else you’ll be paying to see more. This is not how I like to do things. I want us to both have the freedom to try new ideas and not have a cloud of cost hanging over us. Also, it’s important to consider that if you should need to go back to your designer for an additional file sent you may say, “Hey, I need my logo in all gray for this ad – can you send that over?” With me, you’ll hear “Sure, I’ll have that right over.” With others, you may get “Sure, but it’ll be an hourly rate of x – is that ok?” Again, I know all too well that I’m not the cheapest option but just know that there will never, ever be any up-selling or add-on costs. I like to think that by hiring me you’re not only getting a designer, but a partner in your business.

    Invoicing will be handled through a secure, third-party payment service – preferably PayPal. All designs require e-signing of a services agreement with a service called, along with a down-payment of 50% with the balance due upon acceptance of the final draft. Once the design is accepted and balance is paid in full, you will receive all source files as well as ownership and usage rights to your logo. Typically, the entire process takes less than a week but have, in a limited number of cases, exceeded two weeks.

    Please complete the form below and I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

    – Cory Wright